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Where Veterans come to shape their

Mind, Body, & Soul.

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1048 HOURS

Veteran Only Program for your Mind, Body, & Soul.

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Pushing Past Perceived Limitations

Our non-profit adaptive training program has expanded to create a 9 week, 100% free, Veteran only program. Re-Emerge the mind, body, and soul to create a stronger, more confident person. 

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It's Your Turn

RE-EMERGE is a 9 week personalized fitness and mental health program designed for veterans with physical disabilities and/or PTSD. These athletes come together in a class setting with others experiencing similar situations to create community within. Re-Emerge is a 501-c non profit organization.

Our Methods

Workout with Kettlebells
Athlete with Amputated Leg
Gym Workout


We will hold mindfulness classes, where we will not only teach the athletes about mental health, but help them achieve full mental clarity and stability.


We will offer specific programmatic training for every disability in the class, where every athlete's goals will be at the forefront.


This one isn't something that you can teach, but instead something that you can feel. By creating such an inspiring and safe place, confidence within themselves will soon follow.

We will also have our athletes coach their fellow classmates through different workouts, essentially putting themselves in a different pair of shoes for the day.


Continue to RE-EMERGE after graduation by training 1x-2x per week with a trainer lead group class. Here you will meet with other graduates from previous classes and come together for an hour of fitness. This is a great opportunity to not only continue your fitness journey, but to continue to build your support system by meeting other veterans. Whether your focus is weight loss, performance, rehabilitation, or just a healthy lifestyle, our trainers will develop a program for your goal.


A training to further challenge and grow our program's graduates by incorporating tactical athletics. Here, you will be challenged with strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and weapons handling. Each graduate will have the opportunity to train for and to participate in our annual competition.

  • A Competition that acknowledges, honors, and challenges our American Heroes.

  • To Acknowledge those who have put their life on the line to save the lives of others.

  • To Honor those who have fallen in the line of duty.

  • To Challenge the hero to compete against himself and others to grow/develop.

  • United Together, we all have in common, the fire inside to serve, protect, and unify the greatest country in the world.

What some of our Veterans currently in the program have to say...

Veteran Sergeant Major Patricia Thiel

Goals: Strength. Pain Free Movement. Peace of Mind.

Movements: Bird Dogs. Bench Hinges.
Single RDL's. Core Curls.

"If you're nervous, I was too. Get over the fear of reaching out. Once I started the Program, I never stopped. I will apply with you and help you if you want."
- Patty

Sgt. (Retired) Bob Pierce

Goals: "Learning how to workout again without hurting myself/rebuild my confidence in the gym."

Movements: Hex Deadlifts @ 135lbs, Supported single leg RDL's.
(Deadlifting for the first time since injury)

"Do it. The people that are doing the program can work around any limitations you have and the confidence you get back in yourself is more than worth it alone"
-*Sgt. Pierce

Marvis Harvey 
E4 Marine

This Program is a great way to re-introduce yourself back into owning a powerful body and a mind free of fear!  You will be with a group of like minded Veterans and together you can motivate each other to success. The Staff of amazing instructors will be there every step of the way motivating and assisting you to achieve goals you thought you could not achieve.. Marvis (Cpl. USMC)

Nathaniel Tobias
E4 Air Force

The Re-Emerge program is a great resource and a unique opportunity for veterans. This program allows you to work on the physical as well as the mental aspects of fitness. 
The trainers are tremendous and work with you to make sure you have a positive experience. You get to work along side your fellow veterans to achieve your ultimate goals. Nate (USAF)

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In Action

It's Your Turn

More than just physical strength. It takes a load of mental toughness blended with raw grit.

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